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We are an ISO 9001:2008 and CRISIL certified company complying with the ISO norms of production and quality testing. With a vision to become the leader in terms of price, quality and service in this highly competitive domain, we have been successfully satisfying the needs of our customers since inception. Our company meets all the requirements of clients from production to after sales - across multiple sectors. The three-tier policy also incorporates customer satisfaction with respect to product range including Cold Room and service network, which is accomplished by the efforts of a team of efficient, qualified and honest professionals, and our well-spread network of dealers and contractors.

We understand the dynamics of different industries and have expertise to offer need-based chilling and refrigerating solutions. Our range of Cold Room caters to demands in corporate office, dairy, hotels, hospitals, malls,  restaurants, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc. Our marketing strategy usually does not rely on too much of advertising and publicity rather it focuses on total customer support and service. The pool of money, thus, saved from aggressive publicity is directed towards providing excellent quality products and services to our customers. Their word-of-mouth publicity has earned us huge recognition in the market and helped us secure new business.

As a professional organization, we are also sensitive to the societal needs. Our company has been actively involved in organizing Blood Donation Camps, and has also received certification of appreciation from Prathama Blood Centre.

Mission & Vision

The vision of our company is grounded on ensuring excellence, optimal quality and on becoming the leader in Refrigeration technology. We are redefining quality standards with every passing day; and providing top-grade products and satisfactory services & setting high standards of quality with respect to clients' requirements.

Why Ice Make

We have always been proposed to explore new frontiers with innovative and creative ideas. More than two and a half decades of experience:

  • Creditable Service to the Customers
  • Excellence & Superiority in Quality
  • Building up Goodwill & Trust
  • Achieving Exponential Growth.

Infrastructural Capacity

Our success and reputation in our active domain have been a reflection of our high-tech resources apart from the commitment of our team members to facilitation and effectiveness of manufacturing high-grade Ice Cream Plant. We boast of a world class infrastructural set-up that is spread in an area 125,000 Square Feet. Besides the above, our set-up also includes a Quality Control Laboratory built in an area of 1500 Square Feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and espoused by cutting-edge technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that every individual lives up to his or her potential but some never have the chance, therefore we shed focus on resources in order to provide succor and support to the marginalized people and help them to grow and develop so that they can build up prosperous future. Through our clients, employees and other stakeholders, our commitment is to rendering helps to those who deserve the most. By placing a positive influence where we live and work, we try to produce a better life for our stakeholders and ourselves.   

Our Compliance

IC ICE Make Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. loves to hear from consumers and what they think about our product line. The company is interested in accepting the creative ideas from our clients related to products like Ice Cream Machine and Ice Cream Plant. Our creative unit is are regularly conducting research in order to introduce new products and technology. The Company is an internationally accredited manufacturer of optimal-quality Ice Cream plant. Despite that it is focused extending its presence in important international markets while continuing to build its competitive excellence in India. Additionally, it is poised to enlarge its portfolio into categories beyond Refrigeration System.

Sectors & Industries, we Cater to

IC ICE Make Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.
is Ice Cream Machine leader known for bringing about excellence in quality and features and committed to delivering high-efficiency and tremendous-performance Ice Cream Plant. The company is proposed to grow its presence in different countries of the world and cater to the refrigerating and chilling solutions of numerous industries and sectors. some are mentioned below :

  • Dairy Product Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Fruit Ripening Industry
  • Horticulture/Floriculture Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Hotel - Restaurant
  • Ice Cream Industry
  • Retail Outlet for Dairy - Ice Cream
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Plastic Industry

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